Who we are?

TF2DC (TF2Depot.com) is a simple and useful automated trading post with Bots. These bots allow you to exchange your TF2 Supply Crate Keys to our Refined Metal by current exchange rate of the our site (you can see current rate is on the main page). At present moment our site works only with objects from the game Team Fortress 2 (Supply Keys and Refined Metal).

The principle of our operation is slightly different from such powerful sites like TF2WH - you can not sell us some unnecessary items or buy any item, existing in the game (this option is under development): you can only exchange your Keys to our Metal or buy our Keys at the current rate of TF2DC site (formed with taking into account the course backpack.tf). All calculations are made in the local currency of our site, "credits."

If you want to exchange your Keys to Metal - please visit this page.

If you have any questions - just ask them to our consultant. He will be happy to help.

Sincerely, Tf2Depot.com team.